March 2023 Notes

A young Ionian entered Athens wearing a purple gown with gold trimming. Someone asked him where he was from, and he replied: “I’m from money.”

My favorite anecdote is when he saw a whore’s kid throw rocks at a crowd and said be careful not to hit your dad.

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning, I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own

Thank you, ambiguous pipe
Pumping liquids or gas
From distant places
To places unknown
We don’t know what you do
But we couldn’t do it without you

What you said is literally the exact opposite of the truth. You should work in network news.

The Flintstones were set in 16th century Brazil.

Sayaka Murata Convenience Store Woman

I was shocked by their reaction. As a convenience store worker, I couldn’t believe they were putting gossip about store workers before a promotion in which chicken skewers that usually sold at 130 yen were to be put on sale at the special price of 110 yen. What on earth had happened to the pair of them?

I quit school in elementary because of recess. Too many games.

That’s what the ideology of the “personal brand” is all about: the reduction of the self into a packaged, marketed, and commodified product. The negation of your own nature. It’s a non-physical form of suicide, really.

Could you imagine a Western doctor saying “Ah, yes… that is normal. For the first time you’re beginning to notice that your sensory perceptions are nothing but electronic signals and that direct perception of an objective reality is impossible. No need to worry, this is simply one of the first stages of developing detachment from worldly desire.”? No way.

Brain as the local hardware and Mind as the non-local software.

David Lynch

In my country there is a book called “Iona” in which a guy awakens in the belly of a giant whale. He goes to earn his perceived freedom by gutting the whale and reaching the shore. He then looks at the sky and the ocean, and realizes that he’s in the belly of a larger whale. He proceeds to seppuku in despair, cutting his belly.

But that I may not give too much Encouragement to the Profession, I must inform my maritime Readers, that the far greater Part of these Rovers are cut short in the Pursuit, by a sudden Precipitation into the other World.

I don’t understand the point in charging bills and imposing debts that can never realistically be repaid, but apparently that’s what the country is built on.

Mr. Mencken maintains that no quackery has ever been given up by the American people until they have had a worse quackery to take its place.

In the words of the Atari Jaguar, do the math.