February 2023 Notes

Man grows used to everything, the scoundrel.

Super Ultra Great Delicious Wonderful Bad


blunt the prisons, burn the dorks
baby comes from healthy storks
smoke your baccy in the store
smoke it with your wild boar

Willie Nelson

I think it’s just terrible and disgusting how everyone treated Lance Armstrong, especially after what he achieved, winning seven Tour de France races while on drugs. When I was on drugs, I couldn’t even find my bike.

Willie Nelson

See the elephant — to see all the sights of a town, especially the edgier aspects.

“A young Sioux Indian from Haskell Institute said he was going to Chicago to hunt buffalo. He was told there was no game of that kind there, but that if he wanted to see the elephant he was on the right track,” the Kansas Daily Journal reported on Sept. 2, 1891.

Also sometimes used by members of the military to describe going to war.

Mt. Fuji Sunrise (July 2021)

Sunrise on Mt. Fuji (July 2021)

It is I, Seagull! Everything is fine. I see the horizon; it’s a sky blue with a dark strip. How beautiful the Earth is … everything is going well.

Why go outside alone?
When no one is around to perceive you, “you” disappear. This is the highest and ultimate freedom.

Americans say they feel closer to God since September 11th.

Wrong Mr. Pickford altogether.

Having the honor to be born in your kingdom, I find my body obeying your Excellency, but my soul will never.

Nichiren’s Senji-Sho

In response to questions about the fear of eternal hell and damnation that many have, Neville replied with a quote from Scripture, “Not one shall be lost in all my holy mountain.”

Coming of Age Day, Hoshigaoka Station, Nagoya, January 2022

Hoshigaoka Station (January 2021)

There is an “otherness” about grace. In a sense, it is not the person exhibiting grace, but rather God or nature acting through them. It is making an incredible action “appear effortless.”

Effortlessness, ease – these words imply passivity, or going with the flow. A willow blowing in the wind appears graceful. A defiant oak, bracing against a storm, not so much.

“Be like the Willow, it is good for nothing, so it is not often cut down.”

Ikebukuro Station, Tokyo Japan 1976

The trains here always seem to be in a hurry, like they’re trying to escape the city.

Rossini, the great opera composer, could recall only two moments of real grief in his life. One, when his mother died. And the second time was out on a boat when a chicken stuffed with truffles fell into the water and was lost.

It's all bot anyways. You can't dismiss ALL criticism as bots.

In short, the room-level consciousness spectrum has been hijacked by social engineers and corporate blackhearts. They aim it like a low orbital ion cannon at any target they please.

We’re circling in on a solution, I can feel it…